The stylish black Intrepid II is a great midsize stove, holding 16" logs to heat 1500 square feet.  Retail is $1999.  Our everyday price is $1799.  We have a used one that is refurbished for $750.

The room sized Greenfire pellet stove puts out 30,000 BTU's with a 67 lb hopper for a typical 24 hour burn time.  Regency's retail price for this high quality, pellet stove is $2695.  Our sale price is $1900.

Check out our Inventory pages to see the FWM and EZ Dock boat dock features.  We offer installation and retrieval services for all docks.

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Regency carries many sizes of pellet, gas or wood stove.  Their high quality assures many years of stress free heating.

This is the Osburn 900 steel stove with cook top. It heats up to 1000 sq. ft. with 17" logs.  Regular price $970, Sale price $850.

Osburn Wood Stoves

Vermont Castings offers high quality cast iron wood stoves, fireplaces, inserts as well as several sizes of both direct vent and vent free gas stoves, gas fireplaces and gas inserts.

Due to the constant variations of shipping costs, some prices may vary.  

The 3100 ​​​Regency makes a long-lasting  steel wood stove that holds a 21" log to heat 2800 sq.ft. for a 10 hour burn time. It comes with a blower and features a firebrick lined firebox.  List price is $2397. Our everyday low price is $1899.

This is Regency's Cast Iron Gas Hampton H-27.  It is a medium size stove putting out 22,000 BTU's.  It is featured in the Seaside Sand Enamel finish.  Retail Price is $2700.  Our Sale Price is $2400.

Dedicated to serving our customers with the highest levels of professionalism and integrity.

Certified through the Chimney Sweep Institute of America. 

Competitive pricing on chimney cleaning and inspections as well as chimney liners. ​

We offer stoves that will keep you warm in the winter all sold below retail.  

 We sell these popular brands: Vermont Castings, Osborne, Regency, Napoleon, Hampton,

and more 

Customized Boat Docks made my FWM and EZ Docks made to last.

Installation and Retrieval servics

This is the Hampton Pellet stove presented in  a very attractive cast iron with fine touches on sides and front.  The hopper holds up to 60 lbs. of pellets and has 5 different heat settings so that the blower will keep you as warm as you want.  List is $4095.  Our seasonal price is $3103.  ​ We have one used for one season on sale for $2650.

​​​​This Encore is Vermont Castings step down from the Defiant.  22" logs will heat 1800 sq. ft. for up to 12 hours of burn time.  List price is $2899.  Our everyday price is $2499.

This beautiful classic black Defiant will heat up to 2400 square feet burning logs up to 24".  Its the biggest of Vermont Castings and is a true work horse.  Retail is $3159.  Our everyday price is $2760.

We have more stoves in our retail store.  Call for prices and availability.  And what isn't immediately available can arrive within 3 working days and installed at your convenience by our experienced installation team at very affordable rates.  Remember, all stoves are always sold below retail prices. 

A classic cook top steel wood stove with a blower, the Osburn 2000 heats up to 2100 sq. ft. and holds 20" logs.  Regular price $1894.  Sale $1700.  We also have the 2300 for sale at $1799 and the 2400, a wood stove work horse at $1900.  

The classic Radiance Gas stove in Biscuit.  Regular price is $3100.  Our everyday price is $2999!  However, with this particular stove being burned in the store since Nov. 14, you can have it for $2399.


Clean And Heat, LLC Clean Sweep Chimney Service And Kingdom Stove Works

The Aspen in the rich Bordeaux will hold 16" logs to heat 800 sq. ft. for a 5 hour burn time.  List price is $1454.  Our everyday low price is $1375.