The room sized Greenfire pellet stove puts out 30,000 BTU's with a 67 lb hopper for a typical 24 hour burn time.  Regency's retail price for this high quality, pellet stove is $2695.  Our sale price is $2499.

Pictured are two of Regency's pellet stoves.  There are other sizes and prices that can be found at

This is the Hampton Pellet stove presented in  a very attractive cast iron with fine touches on sides and front.  The hopper holds up to 60 lbs. of pellets and has 5 different heat settings so that the blower will keep you as warm as you want.  List is $4095.  Our seasonal price is $3103.  ​

This is Regency's New York View with a 72" viewing window and a heating output of 31,500 BTU's.  It is one of many different modern fireplace styles that can be seen at

Regency makes steel wood stoves in the class design shown in different sizes.  Their direct vent gas stoves come in the classic cast-iron as well as more contemporary designs.

This is Regency's Cast Iron Gas Hampton H-27.  It is a medium size stove putting out 22,000 BTU's.  It is featured in the Seaside Sand Enamel finish.  Retail Price is $2700.  Our Sale Price is $2400.

Regency's E33 Gas insert has a range of 35,500 BTU's to 19,000.  Because faceplates are differing in prices, this unit will cost between $2700 and $3000 retail; our prices will be reduced from $2550 to $2850.

Regency has a wide range of gas inserts and outdoor fire tables.  Check them out at  Call for prices.

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The 3100 ​​​Regency makes a long-lasting  steel wood stove that holds a 21" log to heat 2800 sq.ft. for a 10 hour burn time. It comes with a blower and features a firebrick lined firebox.  List price is $2397. Our everyday low price is $2199.