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​The Intrepid Direct Vent gas stove heats with 16,000 BTU's.  The detailing on this cast iron charms any room.  Retail price is  $1849.  Our regular sale price is $1749.

Direct Vent Gas Stoves

The Aspen will hold 16" logs to heat 800 sq. ft. for a 5 hour burn time.  List price is $1099.  Our everyday low price is $999. 

The Radiance Gas stove in Biscuit is a 36,000 BTU's gas stove that will heat up to 1,500 square feet.  Regular price is $3600 with the blower included. Our everyday price is $3050!  

Dutchwest makes an all cast-iron catalytic wood stove.   The Ex-Large is a 55,000 BTU stove heating up to 2,400 sq. ft.  Log size is 25" and holds the heat up to 12 hours.  Regular price: $2259.  Our price is $2100.00

This beautiful classic black Defiant will heat up to 2400 square feet burning logs up to 24".  Its the biggest of Vermont Castings and is a true work horse.  Retail is $3249.  Our everyday price is $2899.

This Encore is Vermont Castings step down from the Defiant.  22" logs will heat 1800 sq. ft. for up to 12 hours of burn time.  List price is $2899.  Our everyday price is $2700. 

The Stardance is a 28,000 BTU cast iron gas stove heating up to 1,000 square feet.  It is shown here in classic Black.  Retail price is $2219.  Our regular sale price is $2100.

Wood Stoves

The stylish black Intrepid II is a great midsize stove, holding 16" logs to heat 1500 square feet.  Retail is $1999.  Our everyday price is $1799. 

Dutch West stoves have been discontinued.  This is the last one that we are able to get.   Its going at a great price and value.